Bike Bar Tours Takes Touring To New Heights

17 August 2016

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

Celebrations are often held in a specific place. You stay put and have fun where you are. This has been the norm for groups, whether among friends, family or colleagues. You are in a single location, such as a home for a party, a beach or a garden for an outdoor celebration, or an events area such as in hotels for formal occasions. Some of us decide to have fun in pubs and clubs, because truly, these places promise a great time. With bike tours in Oklahoma, however, you can be in the best pubs, particularly those that are located within an entire city! A Bricktown pedal bike tours cost could mean a big spending spree that is of reasonable value.

By checking out top bars in Bricktown, you get to explore the popular city and its popular spots of interest. It’s just like getting to know a city and getting firsthand experience of its top stops for tourists, but with a twist! With friends and family, you are onboard a pedal bike that makes it more interesting and unique!

Where is the best Bricktown party pub? The bar on bike experience is definitely worth checking out, and you have the bike tours offered 7 days a week. There are specific spots that are predetermined as part of the trip, but you may also opt to customize the tour and be in pubs that matter to you. It’s all about giving you that wonderful trip with the people who are important to you to celebrate just about any occasion. Practically any activity over beer and a good chat with the nicest individuals in your world can be truly unforgettable!

How are bar tours on this pedal bike different, you ask? First, it’s all real simple. You just need to book your event on the best dates for Bricktown tours. . You can do this for a pre-or post-wedding celebration, a birthday, a corporate event, a teambuilding activity or a simple get-together among friends that want to hang out and have a nice chat over some beer. There are specific places that have been designated for these tours but you can also choose to design your own route, highlighting the best pubs and places you believe will truly make the trip memorable.

During this fun time, the tour itself is being facilitated by professionals, ensuring that it is safe and adherent to regulations of the places being visited. Your group can have the peace of mind knowing you don’t break any rules while having all the fun you want on the best dates for Bricktown tours. It is indeed a breakthrough in pub crawls and parties!

Discover how to join Bricktown bike tours. Go ahead and take bike tour today. Our athlete is asked to book a tour, you are practically giving yourself the chance to have a great time in an exciting city through exploration and unforgettable pub visits.

If you’re in for an exciting way to go out and about for less, check the Bricktown pedal bike tours cost and give yourself that treat to top bars in Bricktown, says travel blogger Zac Jackson.. This article, Bike Bar Tours Takes Touring To New Heights is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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All About German Beer

11 February 2015

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Throughout Germany consuming beer is a popular pastime. Germany has over 1,000 breweries which is many more than any other country in the world. Breweries of beer in Germany must follow the purity law, which originated in 1516 that dictated that only barley, hops and water must be used for brewing beer.

Quality German beer has a distinct taste with little or no after taste. A few German ales are Koelsch, Weizen and Altbier and Rauchbier. The lagers include Bock, Pilsner, Dunkel, Helles and Maerzan. The taste, aroma and colour vary with each beer but they all are able to identify as German made beer.

The German beer Altbier is a dark ale that is fermented in the lower regions of Germany. It presents with a yellow colour with a taste rich in hops. Rauchbier has a smoky flavour and colour. These beers are an extremely popular beer throughout Germany.

Lager is a popular beer in Germany and around the world. Pilsener, one of the most favoured lagers is a dark ale presenting with more hops and less malt in its tasting. It is very popular worldwide especially in North America, where is served in bars and restaurants.

There are over 4,000 different brands of beer brewed by several companies throughout Germany. Some of the better known and larger breweries of north Germany are Beck, St Pauli, Warsteiner and Krombach. In the southern region of Germany most of the breweries, of which there are many more than the north, are smaller and locally owned and operated. Southern Germany also houses the Benedictine Abbey, which is one of the world’s oldest breweries. Beer was produced here from as early as the year 1040. Quite an impressive record.

Just about everybody in the world would have heard of the Oktoberfest that is held every year in Munich. It commences in late September and runs for two weeks, ending in October. It is estimated that nearly five 5 million people come to Munich from all over the world to celebrate German beer during the festival. During the period of the Oktoberfest, only six of the local breweries are allowed to supply beer and have a variety of different beer for consumption in the bigger tents.

Local brewers from Munich are the only ones allowed to present their beer in the bigger tents during the festival. There are only six breweries that are in attendance and they provide a variety of different beer for the public to consume. Attending this festival is a must on any bucket list of beer lovers. It allows you to sample the different varieties and enjoy the rich bold flavours of quality German Beer that is so popular.

Anyone attending this festival is guaranteed to have a most enjoyable time. The main aim is to experience the Full boded flavour of some of the beat beers produced in the world. Their taste is without doubt unequalled anywhere in the world.

Learn more about German Beer. Stop by Chris Carr’s site where you can find out all about brewing German beer and what it can do for you.

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Winter Beers in NYC

9 July 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

When facing the tough chill of the season, winter beer is the best choice. Explore one of many New York City brew pubs and expose amazing masterpieces that may have you heated up in virtually no time. These top 5 winter beers are certain to do the job.

Imperial Porter by Southampton Publick House

Southampton is the home of this toasty brown mixture. With hints of cocoa, toffee, and caramel, this full-bodied brew goes down smoothly and is best savored with smoked meats and puddings. The Southampton Imperial Porter, made by Phil Markowski, is as legendary as Honey Ruth and Clark Gable, who were patrons at Southampton Publick House in the 1920s.

Winter Ale by Blue Point Brewing Company

This amber ale is as appealing to the eye as it is to the tongue, with its deep shade of mahogany, nice head, medium body that has a sweet start, followed with hints of spice, with a clean finish, that gives you the option to either sip or swill. This Manhattan fave is best enjoyed with smoked meat, chocolate, and coffee-flavored puddings.

Winter Lager by Samuel Adams

This is undoubtedly one of the more preferred winter beers. A careful mix of cinnamon, ginger, and citrus supply the warming sensation in this spicy, full-bodied lager. It's best paired with winter’s favorites, duck, apple pie, and gingerbread. The best thing about it? You'll be able to find it just about anywhere!

Old Red Nose by Heartland Brewery

When the vacations come around, there’s only one red nose that will be concerning you, Old Red Nose. Brewed in Brooklyn, this beer has all the wonders of winter. A roasted chestnut flavour carries you through hints of citrus, brown sugar, and plum to a smooth, long-lasting finish. Pair it up with a delicious steak and let your tastebuds swoon.

Krampus (Imperial Helles Beer) by Southern Tier Brewing Company

This dark and twisty brew is certainly a sipper. Extraordinarily thick with a two finger head. Start with a toasted malt-flavor accompanied with caramel, then steady yourself for the powerful takeover of wild hops that hint at grapefruit peel. Visit the site for a haunting story of Krampus, Santa’s evil side kick.

Cheat the winter and slip into one of the best brew pubs in New York Town to thaw off, or run into the corner shop and pick up a case of warmth. Whatever you do, do not let these flavorful brews pass you by this winter.

Jeff Myers has been fascinated by NYC Pubs for many years. He has written many articles about this topic, including brief histories and the top most fascinating facts. For more info about pubs in NYC please feel free to visit

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Mastering the Free Pour

6 April 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

So you need to learn how to free pour? Learning to free pour could be tricky, but it is an approach that might really hasten up ones bartending talents.

Whether using a jigger or free pouring it is essential to be able to have a legitimate and consistent pour for every cocktail. For anyone who is pouring to little or too much liquor within your drinks someone will get screwed.

Whether you will be pouring to much alcohol and you’re not billing the buyer adequate or you’re pouring not enough and the patron isn’t receiving whatever they given money for.

For all those newbie bartenders- just what is a free pour? Free pouring is going to be the action of pouring calculated quantities of liquor in to a cocktail without having to use the proper measuring tool like a jigger.

Just before we all rush into finding out how to free pour we will before anything else go over the things you will definitely require if you want to perfect your personal pouring method.

To start with never attempt to free pour with out a pour spout! This is very important in order to obtain a continuous regular flow of alcohol.

In addition a lot of pour spouts pour alcohol at relatively various speeds therefore it is important to acquire a feel for the spouts you can expect to be utilizing on a daily basis.

You are likely to additionally require some sort of measuring system in order to evaluate your pour. A jigger is a common testing instrument for bartenders.

Most of us suggest buying a jigger with both a 1 1/2 ounce. and a 1/2 oz. side. The very last detail you will definitely have to have is a bottle stocked with water to help act as your spirit.

Equipped on top of the bottle is a pour spout not surprisingly. And here is the list:

-Pour Spout

-measuring device

-Bottle of water.

How to Free Pour

Free pouring is carried out by using a timed counting strategy; much similar to beats throughout music. Any bartender whom free pours has got his or her own personal counting system they have a preference for and even you definitely will too.

Here is the typical idea of exactly how it’s carried out. Before you begin pouring hang on to the bottle just by the neck plus place your index finger around the base of the pour spout.

This prevents the spout from slipping out. As soon as you pour you really want to hold the bottle pretty much fully vertical.

You need to accomplish a stable and quality pour.

After you get started pouring you’ll start out counting just like this- “1 and 2 and 3 and…” What you really are looking for is for each and every word you say in your count (as well as the And’s) will be a one fourth of an ounce.

And so if you wish to pour a shot, which usually is 1 .5 ounce., you will count as follows “1 and 2 and 3 and.” After you get to your last “and” quickly discontinue pouring.

That can seem hard nevertheless it becomes a great deal less difficult with practice. And you ought to practice! You do not learn how to free pour by just examining this document.

You have got to practice to be able to master your individual personal tempo whenever pouring. Bear in mind you intend to improve your own count into a steady rhythm.

This is exactly like a metronome, having every single word during your count being a click. As soon as you begin applying your count you’ll be able to take a look at your proportions.

If perhaps you poured to little modify your count by simply slowing it down a tad.If you poured to much accelerate your count up. Carry on to optimize the count rate until finally you have it perfect.

Then you will learn what your own personal counting tempo is. That is all there is to it!

Knowing how to free pour is usually an vital method for every single bartender.

Bear in mind, every single bartender’s free pouring technique is different. Several may perhaps count to various numbers or perhaps at distinct speeds. What is essential is that you discover what will work for YOU.

Find your own particular tempo via practice.

And here is the very last hint. Don’t merely assume your rhythm is constantly right.

As soon as you get excellent at the free pour it couldn’t be a poor strategy to check your current free pour through measuring the first several cocktails you build on a shift.

That way you should know your still at the pinnacle of your game. Through understanding how to free pour you will be one phase closer to becoming a better bartender.

Want to find out more about how to free pour, then visit this site on how to be a bar tender.

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How to Pour a Beer

5 April 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

How to pour a beer

So you’d like to learn how to pour a beer? Pouring a beer may appear much like an easy process to the every day guy. But it is not. There is appropriate procedures and inappropriate ways to pour a beer.

For anyone who is not paying attention to your current pour, it’s likely that that you’re doing it entirely wrong. So here’s how it’s executed correctly.

Why will there be a proper strategy to pour a beer?

When you pour a beer in a glass you should make an excellent head on the beer. The “head” would be the foam at the top.

An appropriate beer head brings forth flavors and scents. These fragrances would be lost for anybody who is merely drinking out of a bottle or you failed to pour your beer accurately and was unable to create a adequate head.

In spite of the need for the beer head you can even have excessive foam. Just imagine getting given a glass of beer with half the glass being outright foam.

Not enjoyable. The right size of the beer head is often 1/2 to 1 inch total.

Pouring a beer

Starting out when you’re pouring a beer ensure the glass you are going to use is both clean and big enough to hold the volume of beer you are going to pour into it.

You will want to start by keeping the glass in a 45 degree angle.

Once you begin pouring you want the beer stream to hit the middle of the glass and slide towards the bottom part.

Right now you are not needing foam to build. As your glass gets half to 2/3 full get started with tilting the mug directly up and down in a ninety degree angle.

Now you should start pouring straight into the center of the beer.

It will begin to make your foam. Your beer bottle should now be empty but your mug probably has an ideal beer head.

Mastering the beer pour

Serving beer can take a bit of training for getting it proper. The following is another significant note. Unique beers could foam different levels and also at unique speeds.

For that reason for a bartender it is important to get experienced with the beers your bar stocks and ways to pour all of them. Likewise, avoid getting reluctant to get aggressive with the pour.

Resting your beer bottle over the glass and carefully pouring will most likely not give you the appropriate beer head.

As you create some distance between the bottle along with the glass and pour promptly inside the center in the glass your head will begin to form more quickly.

It will take some training for getting very good.Practice up and learn how to pour a beer if you need to become a bartender that’s great.

Want to find out more about how to pour a beer, then visit

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Bartending and Ice Safety

3 April 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

As a bartender you’ll handle ice every day. It is an essential ingredient for many drinks.

That’s why its important for bartenders and restaurant staff to use proper ice safety. If you don’t handle ice appropriately you could be putting your customers at risk.

Still, many bars handle ice poorly which puts their customers at risk.

The ice you’ll serve as a bartender will eventually be consumed by your customers, just like any other food item. Therefore it is essential that a bartender treat ice with the same safety as other food items. Ice can get contaminated with germs and bacteria as well.

There is one rule to always keep in mind while handling ice a bartender. That rule is to never use a glass to scoop ice put of a bin.

There are a few reasons why you should never do this but the number one reason is that the glass can actually break.

If the glass ends up breaking in the ice bin then you’ll have to deal with melting the ice down, and wiping the entire bin clean, making sure there are no pieces of ice hiding in the corners of the bin. This can be very time consuming and would be a great hassle if the restaurant were busy.

Despite how bad that would be that’s still not the main reason you should never use a glass as a scoop.

The glass could actually end up chipping when scooping the ice. This could inadvertently leave small pieces of glass within the ice bin. This can easily go unnoticed.

This might not seem like a huge problem at first. But you could potentially end up scooping those pieces of glass into the next drink you make. Eventually the glass could end up being swallowed by a customer.

This can be avoided by simply using an ice scoop.

Here is another pro tip mostly concerning bartenders. If you end up breaking a glass on the counter above or around an ice bin its best to assume the bin is contaminated with glass.

We’ve all dropped a glass on the kitchen floor at some point. So you know how far glass can travel when shattered. If you have any doubt in your mind that glass got into the ice, do the responsible thing and clean the bin out.

It’s important to also treat ice like other forms of food. Most ice scoops have a knuckle guard that helps to keep your hand away from the ice. As a waiter or bartender your hands are dirty from handling money, touching plates, and other surfaces. Therefore you should never handle ice with your bare hands.

Keep these ice safety tips in mind and you’ll be well on the way to keeping your customers safer.

Learn more about how to become a bartender. Stop by and learn more.

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Brewing Beer At Home

18 March 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

Mmmm…. Beer. There is nothing quite like the delicious tastes and wide variety of good craft beers. Some are dark, some are light, and some are in between; some are hoppy with high notes, while others are smooth and mellow. The world of craft beer is extensive, imagine the possibilities! Well these days, you don’t have to just imagine them, you can actually create them yourself! It’s true, home brewing your own beer is something that is actually quite affordable and easy, all it takes is a little know-how, and I’m here to help!

Brewing your own beer at home is a more common process than you might think as well, as people have been doing it for ages. Basically, home brewing is the brewing of any beverage through the process of fermentation on a small scale as a hobby, used for personal consumption, amateur brewing competitions, or any other non-commercial reason.

People have been fermenting their own alcohol for thousands of years, but starting in the 20th century, there were certain restrictions and regulations that began being placed on the practice in certain places. But hey, restrictions are boring, lets talk about the good stuff! How do you actually brew beer? Well, five basic steps are involved…

Step 1 – actually brew the beer. You will have to soak malted barley in hot water which will release the malt sugars, and then boil this together with hops (what creates the bitterness flavor in beer). Grains may also frequently be added in this step as well, to add color and flavor complexity. Step 2 – Cooling and fermenting. As the solution cools it will begin to ferment once yeast is added. This releases CO2 and ethyl alcohol as sugars begin to ferment. Sanitation and cleanliness are incredibly important here, as you don’t want bacteria taking over, and this process can take about 1-2 weeks. Step 3 – prime and bottle the beer. Add a priming agent such as corn sugar, and then bottle and cap the beer. Step 4 – age the beer for at least 2-6 weeks or more, depending on desired taste. During this step, yeast will continue to ferment in the bottle, which will create and release carbon dioxide naturally within. Step 5 – well what are you waiting for? Drink it already!

Home brewing kits can be found for as little as $75 for the most basic ones, and extra necessary ingredients and equipment will run between $25-$60. However, once you get more familiar with the process, your overhead decreases and the process becomes easier and even less expensive. Plus, you will be able to begin experimenting with all types of delicious home brews! Enjoy!

Visit our site for more tips on how to brew beer at home.

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how to be a bartender with great name recall

5 March 2013

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Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

This article will teach you a crucial step in learning how to be a bartender with great conversational skills. Read on and you’ll learn how to easily remember names.

If on the other hand you don’t have trouble remembering peoples names you can probably skip this article.

Many of us struggle with name recall even though it should be very simple.

Why? Why is it so hard for so many to remember others names. The truth is we are so focused on ourselves that we’re to busy worrying how we look to others.

When talking with others it’s also not uncommon for us to constantly be thinking about what to say next. This leads us to not be focused on the moment.

That is why during that very important moment when someone says their name it’s always through one ear and out the other.

If you want to know how to be a bartender that’s great than listen up. You’ll need to do your best to remember names.

You want to make people feel like they matter, like they are worth remembering.

What are the easy ways to remember names? It’s easy actually. Just a few key tips. The first thing is that you have to actually pay attention when they say their name.

Make a conscious effort to actually listen and hear their name and stop worrying about what to say next.

If you have trouble keeping your mind attentive try this mental trick.

It’s easy, no worries. Here’s how it works.

Its called “mental anchoring”.

Basically what you want to do is try and trick your brain by creating a link between a mental response and a physical stimulus.

The physical stimulus that creates the link could be anything. We’ll use the example of touching your index finger to your thumb.

So, here’s how it works. Every time you meet someone press your middle finger to your thumb right when they say their name.

This mental trick helps because it tricks your mind to zap back into the present and pay attention.

Essentially touching your fingers together acts like a reminder for you to pay listen up.

Here are some more tips.

Many people don’t do this even though its completely obvious. Look at the person when their talking and telling you their name! A lot of people are to busy looking at the ground or their drink or something else.

Your brain forms a connection and puts a face with a name when you actually look at the person.

This last tip is possibly the most important. After they say their name repeat it back to them when you talk.

When you meet someone there is always a standard “it’s nice to meet you.” From now on add their name into this statement. like this “it’s nice to meet you Heather.”

As long as you listen to the person’s name and repeat it back to them your brain will have a much easier time remembering their name in the future.

It’s all that simple! Pay attention and repeat their name back to them and you won’t have any problems with name recall. Learn how to be a bartender with excellent name recall and you’ll learn how to be a bartender that’s likeable.

Finally, want to find out more about how to be a bartender? Check out this great site for bartending

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Should You Attempt All Grain Beer Brewing?

22 February 2013

Approved by:
Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

Making beer in your own home has become more and more popular, and as a result, there are quite a few men and women advancing to all grain brewing. Home beer making is seen by many people to be a ton of fun. You can get started easily with a basic beer making set up that usually will run only a few dollars. Once you buy this sort of kit, it’ll have everything you need to brew up a couple cases of delicious homebrewed beer. It should include not only the equipment, but also the syrup or powdered malt extract and a few additional ingredients you will need, also.

For a lot of people, the homebrewed beer they create with malt extract is very fulfilling. There are many who do not ever want to switch from creating beer from extract. The fact that a lot of extract home brews win ribbons in contests should be a definite indicator that they’re certainly not inferior. Even so, you’ll find people that would like to advance their favorite pastime one stage further. These types of home brewers can decide to try out all grain brewing.

To make beer from malt extract, all you will need to do is mix the extract up with some warm water, take it to a boil, add some hops, then chill it to about 65-70 degrees and add the ale yeast supplied and let it ferment. To be able to completely control what they put into a beer, more advanced brewers can in essence create their own malt extract through a procedure called mashing. Mashing in its simplest terminology means holding a combination of malted barley and water at a specific temperature for a period of time. This permits enzymes contained in the malt to convert starch to sugars that the brewer’s yeast will then ferment. After those enzymes finish the work they do, a fairly sweet liquid known as “wort” will be drawn off; at this point everything is identical to a typical extract brew.

In order to start out in all grain home beer brewing, you are going to need a few new gadgets in addition to the basics. The biggest thing you will require is known as a mash-lauter tun. This vessel will hold the mash at the appropriate temperatures for the enzymes to operate. Also required of the mash-lauter tun would be the ability to hold the grain back as the sweet liquid is drawn off. Cylindrical beverage coolers, just like the orange colored versions you might see on job sites, are a very common option. Such coolers are typically customized with a perforated false bottom or a homemade manifold which allows the wort to flow from the drain without it being clogged by grain.

Apart from coolers, other things will make a suitable a mash-lauter tun. Beer making stores typically carry used half-barrel kegs that have been especially converted for this specific purpose, and they’re favored by lots of home brewing hobbyists. A less expensive choice that meets the requirements of plenty of brewers is a food-grade plastic bucket. Many items may be adapted for this function, and the main requirements are that a) whatever you choose is food safe; b) it is water-tight; c) you’re able to modify it to allow for fluid to be drawn off while keeping back the grain; and finally d) you can find a way to either insulate it or heat it directly. So while it’s easy to find extravagant setups for sale, it’s not required to pay a lot.

The process of mashing is pretty easy once you’ve cobbled together the necessary equipment. However, as with most pastimes, you will always be able to come across new things to spend your cash on, if you so choose. The procedure of all grain brewing is a thing many homebrewers genuinely feel raises their enjoyment of home brewing.

All grain brewing doesn’t need to be a lot trickier than making beer from malt extract. Should you wish to find out more, go to Make sure to click through and see everything there.

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Learn about wine refrigerators

22 February 2013

Approved by:
Paige Master, Gainesville Weddings in Gainesville Florida

Do you enjoy wine? Do you drink lots of wine? Well, do you have multiple bottles laying around in a cellar or refrigerator just waiting to be enjoyed? If the answer is yes to any of those questions then you should probably consider investing in a wine cooler to keep your best wines preserved properly.

First off, lets consider why you should consider buying a wine fridge. First and foremost, a wine cooler will preserve wine at the optimal temperature. Did you know that most wine drinkers will store wine in their kitchen fridge, but that your fridge is actually too cold for the wine? Yup, that’s right. Most fridges are kept below 40 degrees, which is too cold for your wine! Generally, you’ll want to keep red wines stored between 50 – 60 degrees and white wines between 40 – 50 degrees.

Now that we know we need a wine fridge, lets look at what makes a quality unit. The best wine coolers will have a digital thermometer which allows you to more precisely set the temperature. This is very important for ensuring your wine is stored in an optimal environment. Also, a quality unit will be built with a thermoelectric cooling system instead of a typical compressor. Thermoelectric units are much quieter, and more convenient to have inside your home.

Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes, and also prices. Some can be built into cabinetry, while others are built as free standing units. You can even find dual zone wine coolers which allow you to keep your reds and whites at separate temps. Dual zone coolers are typically the units of choice for the serious wine enthusiasts.

Some of the highest quality wine coolers are made by EdgeStar. An EdgeStar wine cooler is built with sturdy materials, and also looks great in any home. We recommend picking one up here today!

This post was written by Steve, a wine enthusiast who also loves to write! He operates the website where you can buy an edgestar wine cooler

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